60th Anniversary

At Pinturas Blatem we have spent 60 years at the forefront of colour, with the aim of offering products that improve interior and exterior spaces, combining aesthetics, practicality and, above all, quality.

Technology has always been our ally. With its help we have developed reference products such as Biotem, the antibacterial paint which is now an essential in many areas; Seda, one of the first original textured paints in Spain; or Fragrancias, paints that smell like vanilla, raspberry or lemon.

We were born with a passion for colour and top quality coverage. Before being researchers, engineers, manufacturers and distributors, we were painters with the dream of improving the lives of those who paint so much.

Looking back fills us with pride, and looking forward gives us a sense of responsibility and hope.

Pepe and Nuria, the two generations of Pinturas Blatem.


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