Our motivation is to give the customer the solution he needs.

The company has been working with the color for more than 60 years, a long trajectory of constant evolution and growth based on commitment to customer, innovation, quality and development of reliable solutions.

The commitment to quality is one of the keys of our success. It determines who we are as an organization and is an indispensable condition for our daily work.

In Pinturas Blatem, we have a triple commitment:

· With our team, composed of professionals with experience, responsible for the evolution of the company towards excellence.

· With our environment, through the respect of the environment and the participation in charitable initiatives.

· With our customers, for whom we join technology and quality in order to achieve a full range of advanced solutions through our various divisions.

In Pinturas Blatem, we have specific product categories to provide with the most appropriate solution to every need. Specialization allows us to offer the latest technology for the best results. Want to know our divisions?

Technical Division

Pinturas Blatem, offers a technical team with extensive experience in conducting unique projects for facade, floors and fire treatments. We collaborate with customers, providing support in designing solutions that best suit their needs.

Decoration division

Products designed to provide with appropriate and innovative solutions to different customer lifestyles. Everything needed for the renovation and decoration, always the latest trends in color.

Industry division

Pinturas Blatem is synonymous with quality and innovation in the industrial market. Discover a division of innovative products with our own technology, that meet quality standards and are environmentally friendly.

Wood division

Laboratories R & D of Pinturas Blatem have developed products that maintain the beauty of wood, a natural material that has a great durability, as long as its maintenance is done properly.

Blatem Profesional

In a continuing effort to improve the quality of their products and services Pinturas Blatem has developed a professional line to meet the needs of a market that demands more specialized products offering the best quality and warranty.

Tintometric systems

The tintometric system of industrial production just in time allows us to guarantee the delivery of orders of any color in a short period of time. It creates small batches of paint in a variety of colours and products and at a very competitive price.


Pinturas Blatem bets on this system of exterior thermic isolation, totally efficient and with the support of our technical departement for installation. Learn more about this ideal economic solution for the energetic restoration of existing buildings.





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