Over five decades working with color

Since 1960, year of the beginning of the company, and mainly since 1977, when the current owner Jose Luna bought it, Blatem establishes a process of constant evolution and growth, based on the commitment with the customers, innovation, quality and the development of products with an added value.

Throughout its history, several goals have been reached: in 2000 Pinturas Blatem establishes a new Industrial Tintometric System (STI for “Sistema Tintométrico Industrial”) that allows a just in time production, and the following year the company shakes up the painting market with their Fragancias (fragrances) line: paint and breathe your colour. In 2002 the expansion process of a part of the business ends up with the acquisition of new technologies for the industrial section.

Nowadays, thanks to the great technological advance implemented from its laboratories, Pinturas Blatem develops its large range of products with its own dyes, and is present in over more than 20 countries and keeps its capital 100% private.


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Proyecto de internacionalización de la empresa



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