Training sessions

High-end course

Target group:

Distributors and applicators.


  • Introduction to the high-end decoration product range of Pinturas Blatem.
  • Application techniques of:
    • Efeso graso estuco a la cal
    • Efeso marmo estuco a la cal
    • Estuco palace
    • Impresiones
    • Arte orentino
    • Desire
    • Mirta
    • Velur
    • Rustidecor
    • Veladura al agua
    • Ante veladura
    • Spacial
    • Spacial Multicolor
    • Oxitem
    • Pandora
  • Questions


Teached by professionals of Pinturas Blatem with a large experience in the sector, you will discover the advantages of the high-end decoration through easy and practical exercices.

Flexible and appropriate timetable that meets the needs of companies attending the training.


Are you interested by this course?

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