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To see how much paint do you need, you should consider two factors. On one hand, you must calculate the surface to be painted, always deducting doors and windows. On the other hand, you have to take into account the paint yield.

If you want to calculate how much paint to buy to paint a room quickly and easily, we recommend the use of our paint calculator.

We recommend dark color paint for large rooms. If the room is small and has little light, it is recommended to paint in bright colors that provide brightness. To add a touch of vitality, you can paint a wall of a more vivid color.

When choosing a color, it is important that you feel comfortable with it. Whatever color you choose, you can find it in Blatem thanks to our tinting service, that allows to create any color in real time.Find out!

If you want to paint the tiles of your bathroom or your kitchen, you need a paint that adheres properly to ceramic surfaces. The Blatemlux Azulejos range is designed specifically for this type of surfaces, with an excellent covering power, brilliance and good drying. In addition, it is very resistant to shock, scratches and cleaning products. And if you're looking for a satin finish, discover the new enamel OneOn.

To paint on wood, you must prepare the surface and use products of quality. If the wood is not already painted, it should be sanded. If it is already painted, it is important to clean the surface or remove the paint if it is in bad conditions.

Regarding which product to use, Pinturas Blatem has a division dedicated to the wood,where you can find dyes, varnishes and solvents designed to take care of this material.

Wood is a natural component that stands out for its durability, although it is necessary to take care with specific products. In our wood product division of , you can find products from varnishes and sealers to protectors with UV filters, to ensure a long life to your wood surfaces.

Transform a wall into a chalkboard is as simple as cover it with paint. In Pinturas Blatem we offer you, a paint with smooth finish that allows you to draw with chalk on the surface, as if it was a blackboard. If you prefer a chalkboard for markers, a water-based gloss varnish that allows to remove drawings made with marker.

Humidity makes ugly the appearance of a wall, but luckily you can combat it with the right paint. To remove stains and make sure they do not come back, you can not use conventional paint that prevents the passage of humidity. Before applying any treatment, it is important to remove the paint in bad conditions and clean the surface. You can then apply specific products, such as our paint Antihumedad or our paint Blatem Stop.

f you have a wall with mould and want to remove it, or if you just want to prevent it, we recommend using a water-based paint, which later on we can apply an anti-mould fungicide. If you already have mold on the surface, it is essential to repair and clean it before applying the treatment. A recommended product would be our water-based paint with anti-mold agents.

The intumescent protection is a system of passive fire against fire. This means that, while not helping to extinguish fire, it helps to reduce the extent of the damage and prevent personal misfortunes. Upon contact with the fire, the paint swells and carbonizes, forming an insulating barrier protecting the structure. In order to reduce fire damage, Blatem has a collection of treatments against fire.

To measure film thickness of completely dry paintings, we use micrometers. Pinturas Blatem offers the service of measurement of thickness on site to check that the thickness applied corresponds with the requested one.

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