Tintometric systems

Pinturas Blatem offers a revolutionary system to its customers in the area of painting when choosing any color with the highest quality in all products of the system. Through our tintometric systems, we can guarantee the delivery of any color in record time.

The tintometric technology of Pinturas Blatem is present in the sales points and allows choosing any color, from soft pastels tons to more intense ranges in different finishes with the highest quality in all the products.

+ Saving 

Universal and industrial dyes of own manufacture at the best price in the market to obtain a vast number of colours for interior and exterior.

+ Versatility

They allow dyeing all kind of products, both water and solvent-based. Variety of finishes with multiple own colour charts and also the best known ones in the market.

+ Precision

Dyes of high technology, they allow precise and exact dosages thanks to their special formulation and to a perfect reproduction of the selected color.

+ Technology

Complete development of the R & D & i department of Pinturas Blatem, from the selection of appropriate dyes to the control and manufacture of dyes and bases.

+ Resistance

Exterior colours for maximum strength, resistant to ultraviolet rays and the elements.

+ Covering power

Optimizing our formulations and colorants to achieve the greatest possible covering power at a very competitive price.

+ Compatibility

Dyes fully compatible with our bases, avoiding claims of colour.

Sistemas tintométricos

- Stock

A unique dye system to achieve multiple products with a wide range of colours without need for multiple systems at the point of sale.

- Problems

The whole process of manufacture, control and formulation is own of Pinturas Blatem, which prevent errors and colour problems.

- Contamination

Environmentally friendly dyes, without lead and protected by law.

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